evolution of my art

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A huge welcome & thank you for visiting my page, I'm Brian a UK based Artist with a huge passion for Wildlife! 


Africa ignites my two biggest passions in life, photography and Wildlife. The incredible imagery that I have been so blessed to capture was the basis of my very first designs and continues to be the main focus in my artwork. I would like to think my art brings awareness to some of the worlds most magnificent creatures and their natural habitats.

I have been extremely lucky over the last 14 years managing to travel to over 112 countries. I always knew I wanted to do something with my art but was never sure which path I would settle on. 

As all too often life got in the way and I didn't sketch for 17 years. I was also too structured and a total perfectionist and this frustrated me. I was then inspired by a film I saw and began trying new freer styles and within a month my artwork was selling with product lines already in production...........